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Yellow River Calls

RPG Goose Call

RPG Goose Call

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The RPG is our top of the line goose call. It’s very crisp, raspy and explosive in power thanks to our C4 broke-in guts. New for ‘23, the RPG now comes standard with our Blackout reed. This call is very versatile. Mainly built for the more advanced caller but forgiving enough for a beginner during note transitions.

RPG to WMD Comparison: 

RPG is raspier, faster, more crisp and has more realistic tones.

WMD is easier to blow, slightly slower in note transitions, and not as raspy.

ALL calls are made 100% in the USA!


Excellent call, excellent tone, deep, long range, South Dakota Honkers, react very nicely to them. The first one I bought, my son used and never gave back. Time for one for me. Thanks for the fast service and excellent customer service. Gary G2SD OUTDOORS

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Customer Reviews

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Carl Birchfield
Awesome Goose call

The RPG is a phenomenal sounding goose it on both on the top end and bottom. What really gets me with this call besides the sound is how easy it is to blow. I was shocked with how easy it was. You can't go your with this call on your lanyard

Brian Sorenson

RPG Goose Call

RPG Goose Call

From customer service, questions, color selection and availability Yellow River Calls is the most polite and professional company I've dealt with. The RPG takes such little air to break over it made picking one up so much easier to learn on. It stands out against others on the water or in the fields, is a must on my lanyard.

Shelby Rigney
Fantastic goose call

Got my goose call a couple weeks ago, it sounds great and hits both the high and low ends!